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SHOOTRAC is an emerging technology firm that specializes in capturing big data on assets and workforces enabling organizations to make better business decisions and improve customer service. SHOOTRAC delivers its solutions as a Software as a Service (SaaS) via mobile and web applications.



SHOOTRAC offers a comprehensive suite of software as a service applications that allows organizations of all sizes to better manage their physical assets and mobile workforces.

SHOOTRAC is also incredibly simple to implement. Any organization can begin using the SHOOTRAC Asset Relationship Management (ARM) system in only a couple of hours.

SHOOTRAC’s patent-pending process gives our clients a simple way to capture big data on their customers, assets and workforce and use the information to leverage these resources for maximum efficiency and customer service using a cloud-based, scalable software as a service solution.

Some companies believe that tracking assets is as simple as “putting a bar code on it.” Other companies believe that you have to buy a bunch of software and servers to create an implementation.
SHOOTRAC is different. We focus on managing your assets with the technology you already have and the ability to start small and grow the use of SHOOTRAC as you find additional ways to manage your business.

We combined the following items to give you all the information you need to manage your assets. At SHOOTRAC, we believe your assets are more than just materials, equipment and inventory. We believe that every business has three major asset classes, specifically:

Physical Assets: This is your inventory, materials, equipment, buildings, vehicles, computers, etc. In order to manage these assets, you need to know where they are located, maintenance required, who is responsible for the asset and when it was last used.

Workforce Assets: You have spent a lot of money recruiting, training and furnishing them with the tools they need to do the job. Do you know if you are using them effectively, particularly with field employees or even subcontractors. With our SHOOTRAC Workforce module, you can quickly and easily see where your employees are without any expensive equipment and subscriptions. Our Workforce management module is included at no additional cost.

Customer Assets: This is your installed base of customers. Past customers are great revenue sources. SHOOTRAC leverages asset tracking methodology that will allow you as a business owner to quickly locate customers, see where your customers are and even identify when they are calling you. You can even manage warranties and upsell them on new warranties when their current one runs out. SHOOTRAC lets you see customer heat maps that reveal various trends, from sales to warranty service and customer complaints.

We call the combination of these three management tools VisualIntelligence. The ability to quickly see the status of your assets and conduct analysis on trends, efficiencies, etc.

Industries that the SHOOTRAC solution supports include:

Oil & Gas Companies

  •   Upstream
  •   Midstream
  •   Downstream
  •   Oil Field Services


  •   Electrical Production and Distribution
  •   Cable
  •   Water
  •   Wastewater
  •   Municipal Waste Collection


  •   City
  •   State
  •   County

Federal Government

  •   Department of Defense
  •   Department of Energy
  •   Department of Labor


  •   Airlines
  •   Airports
  •   Aviation Support Companies

Health Care

  •   Home Health
  •   Assisted Living Facilities
  •   Hospitals
  •   Mobile Radiology Services
  •   Medical Equipment Suppliers

SHOOTRAC simply takes the technology you already have in your pocket and puts it to work for you. We’re connecting the dots from the guy in the back office to the tech or foreman in the field. No longer will you have to wonder who, where or why. With SHOOTRAC you’ll just know.

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