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SHOOTRAC | Construction

Construction-BannerAnyone who is in the construction industry today knows how competitive this industry is and how thin the margins can be. Equipment, materials and labor do not come cheap. Overuse of any of these resources and you can quickly become uncompetitive or even worse, unprofitable.

SHOOTRAC was designed to help construction companies to track their assets and mobile work force so they can better utilize these expenses resources more effectively. SHOOTRAC is useful for all large, medium and small construction companies as well as domestic and international companies. The SHOOTRAC solution is perfect for general construction, civil construction, electrical, mechanical, etc.

SHOOTRAC enables construction companies to:

  • Better manage large amounts of construction equipment over large areas
  • More effectively leverage your mobile workforce (employees)
  • Insure and document that routine maintenance on construction equipment is completed as required
  • Develop better metrics to improve scheduling and estimating
  • Communicate faster to field employees
  • Have better ability to respond to urgent needs
  • Simplify time keeping and project accounting
  • Easily deploy and begin using SHOOTRAC immediately

If there is an issue with a job or if equipment breaks down, this can potentially cost thousands of dollars. It is important to track and manage your assets (equipment, tools, etc.) as well as the jobs that have been completed and are currently being completed. Not only that, but you can also keep track of your employees. SHOOTRAC is an excellent solution that makes it easy to manage your assets and mobile workforce.

SHOOTRAC Asset Management

SHOOTAC puts the responsibility and accountability of tracking assets in the hands of those that are most likely to use those assets. SHOOTRAC allows companies to track the following information on assets:

  • Purchase date
  • Assigned to
  • Depreciation
  • Usage
  • Location HIstory
  • Photos and video
  • Maintenance completed
  • Warranty documents
  • Service manuals
  • Service contracts
  • Vendor information
  • Plus a whole lot more!

SHOOTRAC Workforce Management

SHOOTRAC gives you the ability to use your workforce as effectively as possible. SHOOTRAC lets mobile workers:

  • See assigned tasks
  • Receive notifications from managers
  • Locate and reserve required tools, vehicles and equipment most close to them and their availability.
  • Clock in and out from anywhere
  • Assign their hours to projects or other billing categories
  • Locate subordinates and subcontractors around them
  • Ability to capture photos and videos of problems encountered in the field
  • Document work performed

SHOOTRAC web application managers can also see where all their currently clocked in employees are on our integrated Google maps feature. SHOOTRAC also offers the ability to run reports and analytics on the use of your mobile workforce.

All this with:

  • No proprietary software to buy
  • No servers to operate
  • No proprietary hardware to buy
  • Simple per-user and asset pricing
  • All data safely backed up in the cloud
  • Accessible from all devices with a web browser and internet connectivity
  • No long-term commitments

Below is just one example of how SHOOTRAC can be used by construction companies:

  • Equipment operator clocks in on the SHOOTRAC mobile app
    • The app now reports the worker’s location every 15 minutes to SHOOTRAC
  • When the worker climbs into the excavator, he scans the SHOOTRAC barcode on the equipment
    • SHOOTRAC now records the time, location and operator that is using the equipment
  • The equipment operator begins excavating for a municipal waterline project.
    • As the pipes are being laid, a barcode is applied and the pipe is SHOOTRAC’ed in place by the pipefitter
  • A hydraulic line ruptures on the excavatorAt the end of the day the equipment operator scans the SHOOTRAC barcode on the equipment to discontinue its usage then and clocks out.
    • The equipment operator takes a picture and attaches it to the excavators record in SHOOTRAC and then sends a message to the PM
    • The PM reviews the pictures in the SHOOTRAC web app and finds the closet employee to the equipment dealer.
    • The PM emails a photo of the damaged part to dealer along with other relevant information found in SHOOTRAC.
    • The dealer has the part waiting for the employee that arrives to pick it up.
    • The employee delivers the part to the equipment operator who replaces it and takes a photograph of the repair and continues with the project

What SHOOTRAC Captured

  • Worker timesheet
  • Worker location throughout the day
  • Worker time allocation per task
  • Asset maintenance / Interaction
  • Asset location (GPS location captured when bar code scanned)
  • Time worker arrived on site and time to complete
  • Photo of the asset
  • Repairs made
  • Production rate for the day
  • As-built drawing location of the water line

How SHOOTRAC Assisted the Construction Company

  • Ability to see both workers and assets on the SHOOTRAC Google Maps interface
  • Worker task assignments
  • Billable time
  • Asset usage
  • Fast response to urgent requirements
  • As-built drawing
  • Production rates for future estimate

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