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SHOOTRAC | Health Care

HealthcareWhether you are a home health provider, hospital, nursing home or medical equipment company, SHOOTRAC’s Asset Relationship Management (ARM) system can help you deliver better  ustomer service to your patients while insuring that you have the correct documentation in place to get your claimed paid.

SHOOTRAC allows organizations to capture a complete picture of how your assets, workers and customers interact.


How can SHOOTRAC healthcare providers? Here are a few examples:

  • Insure Services Are Performed: By using SHOOTRAC’s ARM system that includes GPS tracking of both assets and workers healthcare organizations get accurate, user specific time‐stamped GPS locations of their workers. This can help you better document your claims, verify customer service.
  • Help Eliminate HIPPA Related Incidents: 70% of HIPPA related incidents are due to the loss or theft of computer equipment. SHOOTRAC’s HIPPA compliant system insures that no data resides on devices that can be lost or stolen. SHOOTRAC’s servers are secure, regularly backed up and encrypted so you can rest assured that your data is safe.
  • Simply the Documentation Gathering: Whether its tracking their time, performing a service, dropping off or collecting equipment, SHOOTRAC makes it easy for your workers to document these items using their smartphones.
  • Increase the Efficient Use of Assets: SHOOTRAC lets you track all your organizations assets. With SHOOTRAC you know who last touched an asset, where and when. You can even see photos of the assets over time. Better accountability means better use of scarce resources.
  • Simplify Scheduled Maintenance: SHOOTRAC allow you to create regularly scheduled maintenance on assets and insure that maintenance is being done by confirmation via mobile phone.
  • Speed Communications with your Team Members: SHOOTRAC has integrated messaging capabilities allowing you to contact workers via email or SMS without leaving the SHOOTRAC management console.
  • Simple to Start Using TODAY! SHOOTRAC is browser based for managers and requires only a simple mobile app for mobile users so you can start using it in your organization today. And because SHOOTRAC is cloud based, there no servers to install and no software to load on your computers.
  • Simple Pricing and No Contracts: Don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars up front on an ARM/ERP system. SHOOTRAC has no long-term contracts with monthly user pricing. We can grow along with your business!

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