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SHOOTRAC | Municipalities

MunicipalitiesEveryday municipalities are being called upon to offer more services and faster responses to citizen concerns, while at the same time facing pressure to decrease taxes, expenses and overhead.  In other words:  Do more with less!

This requires that all municipal resources be leveraged for maximum performance and value.  This applies to both employees and assets.  Municipalities need to be able to justify that the current resources they have are being used effectively.

SHOOTRAC was designed with the needs of municipalities in mind.

SHOOTRAC makes it easy for municipalities to improve the efficient use of their assets and mobile workforce by leveraging technology that is already in your employee’s hands… their mobile phones!

SHOOTRAC helps municipalities answer the following questions about their assets and mobile workforce:

  • Where they are located?
  • Who are they being used by?
  • When they were last used?
  • What they look like now?
  • Are they being maintained?
  • If you need more or less of them?


Asset Tracking

The SHOOTRAC asset tracking solution offers the following benefits:

  • Mobile App for field use, lets you easily gather information using smartphones.
  • Browser Based Web  Interface that makes it simple for managers to access information.  No software to install.
  • GPS Locations of physical assets integrated with Google Maps GIS providing precision mapping.
  • Asset Usage Tracking improves efficiency and lowers costs.
  • Maintenance Tracking eliminates costly repairs later.
  • Service Contract and Warranty Tracking insures municipalities do not pay for already covered services.
  • Depreciation Tracking helps capture maximum tax savings and asset replacement planning and budgeting.
  • Photo and Video Capture of assets gives managers insight into asset condition and required repairs.
  • Asset Check In/Check Out insures accountability and theft reduction.
  • Crowd-Sourced Public Feedback and Problem Reporting lets citizens provide feedback on your assets.  It also allows municipalities to quickly respond back to them to let citizens know that their reported issue has been received and report back when it is corrected.


Field Workforce Management

Our field workforce management solution offers the following benefits:

  • Employee Clock In/Out Via Mobile means no more paper time sheets and eliminates unnecessary travel to the home office to clock in/out.
  • Timesheet Management Via Mobile, lets workers better account for the their time while at the job.
  • GPS Locations of Field Personnel Integrated with Google Maps lets you see your field workforce mapped out.
  • Maintenance Assignments and Documentation Via Mobile insures that assigned items are conducted in a timely basis.
  • Service and Warranty Contact Information lets your field workers quickly get the service they need on critical assets.


Simple to Implement, Simple to Use!

Both the asset tracking and field workforce management solutions leverage a simple mobile application for field data collection and a web based application for your desktop or tablet.  SHOOTRAC is cloud-based and runs on a browser allowing implementation to be fast and inexpensive.  There are no servers to install or maintain or software to install on a desktop.  SHOOTRAC integrates with leading ERP and financial systems such as Oracle, Sage, SAS and Quickbooks.

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