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SHOOTRAC | Oil and Gas

Oil-and-GasSHOOTRAC was primarily designed and created with the oil and gas industry in mind. The oil and gas industry has several characteristics that make it perfect for a SHOOTRAC solution, including:

  • Large amounts of assets distributed over a large area.
  • Mobile work force.
  • Regular maintenance requirements.
  • The need to be able to respond quickly and see information real time.
  • Simple to use and operate.
  • Ability to scale up and down quickly.
  • Ability to track work of contractors and other suppliers.
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting.

The oil and gas industry is probably one of most asset intensive and regulated industries in existence and if there is a mishap, costs can range from the millions to the billions. As a result the management of assets is critical. Whether it is making sure that the assets are being fully utilized, or maintained, they must be tracked and managed carefully. SHOOTRAC offers an effective solution that makes it easier for Oil and Gas companies to manage these assets with your field workforce or even those of your contractors.

Track the construction of their assets (pipeline, etc.)

  • Verify progress in the field is matching what is on paper.
  • Verify the location of all installed assets.
  • Keep location information for use in performing maintenance, repairs and even responding quickly to possible emergencies.

Track inspections: With SHOOTRAC, you can get confirmation that regular scheduled inspections and maintenance is actually being performed. SHOOTRAC’s solution offers:

  • Location information of the field worker completing the inspection.
  • Barcode scanning to ensure that the inspection is being conducted on the correct equipment.
  • Photographs to see the condition prior to and after maintenance.
  • Video if required for better explanation of the condition.
  • Automated maintenance notification to alert managers when maintenance is required.

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